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What is DQ Contact Bulk Search & Enrich?

DQ Contact Bulk Search & Enrich works within the Account entity and allows users to search for contacts affiliated with a company and then create contacts in the Contact entity and link them to that particular Account. This will also allow to enrich existing contacts with updated information.

Installation Guide

This is a step-by-step user guide to help you download, install, and configure the latest Contact DQ Bulk Search & Enrich solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Solution Download

Firstly, download the following:

DQ Additional Info

DQ Bulk Contact Search & Enrich

*The DQ Additional Info solution is used to store additional information retrieved from the DQ Capture Solutions. If you have previously installed this solution you can ignore this step.

Form Setup

Go to Dynamics 365 Settings > Solutions > Import and select the file.

Also, if you haven't installed the DQ Additional Info solution already, go to Dynamics 365 Settings > Solutions > Import and select the file.

Click Next and then Publish All Customization.

Once completed, you need to include the DQ Contact Bulk Search & Enrich control in the Account entity.

Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System

On the sidebar, expand the Entities section, followed by the Account section and select Forms.

From here, find and click the Account entity to open the Account form.

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