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Export Session Settings

This page allows you to define the attributes you would like to list when exporting session results into .xlsx files.

To access this page, navigate to Settings and then select Export Session Settings:

From here, you must first define the Entity type, Entity & Attribute types that you want to configure.

In this example, we have selected Single Entity, Account & All Attribute Types.

From here, you can drag and drop the fields under Entity Attributes from the left of the screen to the right to include them in exported sessions.

In this example, we will include Account Name, Address 1: Country/Region and Main Phone.

Confirm your changes by selecting Save.

Exporting a session

When you're ready to export a specific session, head to the DQ for Dynamics™ home page and select Export under Actions on your desired session.

This will export the selected session into a .xlsx file which can be found within your Downloads folder.

When opening the .xlxs file, you will be provided with default information, including:

Record Type

Match Group Number

Primary Record T/F

Master Record T/F

Valid Group T/F

Created on Date

Review Status

Record ID


Match Score

In our example, we have also added name, address1_country and telephone1.

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