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Auto Process Management

This page within settings allows you to manage all automated processes such as Auto Promote, Auto Fill and Auto Accept & Merge that have been set up within DQ for Dynamics™.

Auto Process Management can be found within the Settings page:

This window provides a comprehensive view of all past and present automated processes within DQ for Dynamics™.

Within this page, you are able to review session information by selecting the Session Name which will redirect you to the Session Details page.

You are also able to review any errors that may have occurred within your automated processes by selecting the Completed With Errors label under the status column. This will allow you to view group listings which display groups that failed to merge.

Below defines the labels on each column within the page:

Session Name: The label of the session that the automated process is associated with

Type: The type of automated process. (Auto Promote, Auto Fill etc.)

Group Count: How many groups of duplicates are being processed.

Batch Count: How many batches of duplicates are being processed.

Current Batch: Shows the current progress of the automated process.

Time History: Will provide the start time, end time and duration of the automated process as well as who started process.

Status: Provides the current status of the automated process (Paused, Completed etc.)

Active: Displays whether or not the session is active.

Actions: Provides actions for live sessions (Pause, Start, Delete etc.)

NOTE: You will not be able to run two of the same auto-process on the same session. if attempted, a dialog box will appear to alert you.

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