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DQ for Dynamics/Workbooks Foundation Module

The DQ for Dynamics/Workbooks solution must comprise of a Foundation module.

Foundation Module

  • Advanced Fuzzy Matching Logic
    • Multi-Language capabilities (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
    • Multiple Phonetic (sounds like “fuzzy”) algorithms including DQ Fonetix™
    • Extensive DQ Metaverse™ for data transformations, by type of data, catering for:
      • Homonyms
      • Synonyms (Abbreviations/Elaborations/Exclusions) in multiple data categories
      • Acronyms
      • Typo’s
      • Record Scoring & Weighting
  • Multiple Duplicate review
  • Manual Promote – Select the best CRM record
  • Manual Attribute Fill – Select the best data field value
  • Manual Record Merge – Safely merge data and re-assign linked records
  • Multiple Reviewer Licenses - 5 reviewer licences are provided as standard; additional reviewer licenses are available at extra cost based on the number of reviewer licenses required

Across Entity Matching (N/A for Workbooks DQ)

  • Cross compare data within an entity or across entities for:
    • Prevention – Avoids duplicate creation when a lead is converted to an opportunity/account/contact
    • Completeness – Fills data from the Lead to the Account or Contact
    • Integration – Ensures preventable duplicates are not introduced by marketing automation solutions
    • Cross comparison:
      • Within Account, Contact or Lead entities, so that CRM view A (e.g. existing records) can be compared to CRM view B (e.g. newly imported records) to identify and Master your CRM records
      • Across records from Leads to Accounts, or Leads to Contacts for a more accurate and complete “Master Record”. This Powerful capability avoids duplicate records being added during the Dynamics Lead to Opportunity and Account/Contact conversion process

Advanced Find (N/A for Workbooks DQ)

  • When records are searched for using the CRM advance find or displayed on the entity listing screen, this DQ4Dyn Module allows users to take control and tag records as selected duplicates
  • Once tagged they may be processing through the DQ review screen with all the capabilities of the standard user interface.
  • This capability allows users to manually identify duplicates, which otherwise may not be matched, and merge them efficiently to create your Single Customer View

Parent/Child Linking (N/A for Workbooks DQ)

  • When duplicates are identified, sometimes it is not appropriate to merge them?
  • Some of our clients wish to link them so that:
    • Synchronisation and data integrity with other systems is not compromised
    • Linked relationships between parents and children are easily managed

Data Profiling

The DQ Profiler has been designed to provide a great starting place for company’s who know they have data quality challenges, but don’t know where to start. The DQ Profiler gives vital feedback so that we can work with you to make informed decisions on how to get the most out of your customer data.

From DQ Profiler you can analyse:

  • Number of missing data cells
  • Number of duplicate values
  • Discrepancies in data values
  • Most occurring values, characters, non-printing characters
  • Pattern analysis
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