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DQ for Dynamics/Workbooks Master Module

DQ Master Edition builds on the DQ Foundation module to enhance and add additional functionality to your DQ for Dynamics/Workbooks Solution.

Master Record Merge (MRM) Module

  • As per the foundation edition above plus the following:
  • Rules based automation for:
    • Auto-Mastering – Best (Golden) record detection through definable rules
    • Auto-Filling – Auto-population of the master using data field values from duplicate records using definable rules
    • Auto-Merging – Safely auto-merge duplicate records


  • Schedule sessions at times of your choosing
  • This module also allows for chaining of deduplication sessions so that high certainty matches can be auto-mastered and merged, leaving ambiguous duplicates for semi-automated perfection, or manual review
  • Users can choose from a range of automation options for duplicate detection and then subsequent automated processing which:
    • Saves time manually reviewing records
    • Increases productivity by automating repeatable processes and humanizing the exceptions
    • Improves control by choosing what processes are executed when and in what sequence

Audit Log (N/A for Workbooks DQ)

  • The DQ4Dyn audit log module – via a managed solution, adds a custom entity into CRM which stores all data changes which happen as a result of updates to the master record from any duplicate record
  • Over and above the standard Dynamic 365 CE (CRM) Audit Module, our DQ4Dyn Audit Log Module provides the ability to:
    • Identify from which record any “New Value” was taken from
    • Link directly from the log to the record from where the “New Value” was sourced
    • See all duplicate loser values compared to the Winners “New Value”) and link directly to any respective losers’ record detail page
  • Improve trust and know which data field values have been changed, when and by whom
  • Increase visibility and see all data changes old to new values within the audit log
  • Enable hyperlinks from within the audit log directly to the winning record or the losing record

Post-Merge De-Dupe (N/A for Workbooks DQ)

  • When duplicate records are merged, their related entity records are re-linked to the surviving master; this can cause duplicates to be introduced
  • Our optional “Post-Merge” Module avoids this challenge, optionally de-activating or deleting identical duplicate records, so you can rest assured that your data is trustworthy and fit for use:
    • Be confident in your data integrity, as all linked data will be duplicate free after merging
    • Save time by avoiding manually deduping related entity records
    • Achieve higher levels of trust in the related data linked to your Golden Record

Custom Entity De-dupe

  • Match and merge tables outside of the standard Account, Contact & Lead entities.
  • Create a Master Record by defining best record and best fields rules.
  • Most importantly, ensure all related data is re-assigned onto your master record.
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