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Reviewer Permissions

CRM Security Roles

As of version 30.0 (11th December 2018), the Perfect & Merge security roles are now available automatically via the normal CRM Security settings.

Perfect & Merge User Permissions

Note: When records/groups are reviewed by one reviewer/admin, then only the assigned reviewer can perform processing operations on that record/group.

Section Sub-Section Admin Reviewer
CRM P&M Review Tool Advanced Find
Account Records List
Contact Records List
Lead Records List
Settings Attribute Groups
Attribute Group Transforms
Master Record
Display & Auto Fill
Smart Merge
Auto Exact & Merge Rules
Manage Users
Primary Account
Custom Settings
Best Record Rule DB Setup
Map Entities Setup
Cross Entity Mapping
Post Merge Settings
Home Session Listing Create Session
Delete Session
Activate a session
Deactivate a session
Start Match Process
Review Session
Clone Session
Select a session
Multi select sessions
Schedule a session
Session Detail Screen
Session Results Release Groups Section
Auto Exact & Bulk Merge All
Auto Promote All
Auto Fill All
Auto Promote & Fill All
Auto Accept & Merge All
Session Results Detail
Group Review Manual Fill
Auto Fill
Manual Promote
Auto Promote
Auto Exact & Merge
Accept & Merge
View Record
Suppress duplicate
Release Sub-Group
Grid settings
Hide Queue grid
Hide Session Drop down
Current Queue
Previous Group
Next Group
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