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Set Attribute Groups

Single Entity Configuration

The settings applied in this section will allow you to define the ‘Attribute Groups’. These groups can then be populated with the relevant 'Entity Attributes' which will be used for matching. After clicking on ‘Set Attribute Groups’ under ’Settings’, you will be able to navigate to the screen below.

Select Entity: Select from the ‘Select Entity’ drop-down to view the respective ‘Entity Attributes’ and ‘Attribute Group Configuration’ settings. You should be able to select from one of the following Entities:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead

Display Attributes By - For a selected entity, you can toggle the list of attributes by:

  • Display Name
  • Schema Name

Entity Attributes - Displays the list of all the attributes of a selected entity, providing:

  • Attribute Icon
  • Attribute Name

Hover over the ‘Account Entity Attributes’ heading and a drop-down will appear. This allows you to sort the attributes in ASC or DESC order. This can also be toggled by clicking on the headings. Hover the mouse over the Attributes Icon and you will be able to view the attribute name type. If the attributes are listed by ‘Display Name’, you can view the ‘Schema Name’ by hovering the mouse over the attribute name and vice-versa.

You can search for a specific attribute by using a Keyword Search feature. Please note - If the attributes are listed by ‘Display Name’, you can only search by the keywords from ‘Display Name’ and not by the keywords for ‘Schema Name’ and vice-versa. You will be able to drag and drop the attributes under any Attribute Group. However, Attribute Groups can only be used once.

Attribute Group Configuration

Attribute Groups: Displays the list of groups added with their attributes shown below. You can change the order of groups and attributes via a ‘drag and drop’ function. When moving groups, associated attributes will also be moved. The mouse hover tool tip will display the ‘Schema Name’ and vice-versa.

Priority: You can set the ‘Priority’ for each group with a double click on the drop-down selection. The 'Priority' is used to select the weighting for the match group. 'Priority' drop-down has five values:

  • ‘Exact’
  • ‘Very High’
  • ‘High’
  • ‘Medium’
  • ‘Normal’

Match Key: You can set the ‘Match Key’ for each group with the help of drop-down selection. The 'Match Key' is used to select an algorithm for phonetic match token generation. The 'Match Key' drop-down will have six values:

  • ‘DQ Fonetix’, - Recommended
  • ‘DQ Metaphone’ – DQ Enhanced Metaphone
  • ‘DQ Soundex’ – DQ Enhanced Soundex
  • ‘Metaphone’
  • ‘Soundex’
  • ‘No MatchKey’

Include for Matching: With the help of a checkbox feature, you can configure the ‘Include for Matching’ to select the attributes to be used for matching purposes. By default, the group is included for matching. You do have the option to uncheck the group and mark it as excluded. The groups which are not included for matching are still used for percentage scoring.

Miscellaneous Functions

  • Select Group: Clicking on this icon, you will be able to select an Attribute Group. A pop-up will open where a list of pre-defined groups will appear. You can then select attribute group(s) and click on the ‘Add’ button.

  • Expand/Collapse All: You can use these buttons to ‘Expand All’ and ‘Collapse All’ attribute groups.

  • Delete: You can select attribute group(s) or attribute(s) and then highlighted group(s)/attribute(s) can be removed by selecting:

  • Refresh: Refresh button will be used to refresh the page manually.

  • Save: You must click the ‘Save’ button to save changes.

  • Reset: You can also click on the ‘Reset’ button before clicking the ‘Save’ button. The ‘Reset’ button can be used to revert these changes.

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