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-====== Map Entities ======+====== Across Entity Mapping (Dynamics ONLY) ====== 
 +This page allows you to configure the mapping of an across entity search. These mappings will then be carried through to the session level settings. This is a functionality that is only available in the DQ for Dynamics Master Edition. 
 ---- ----
 +To access this page navigate to 'Settings' and then select 'Across Entities Mapping' by selecting this button:
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:default_screen_-_across_entities.png?800 |}}
 +This will navigate you to this page:
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:across_entities_screen.png?800 |}}
 +At which point you will have to select from the drop-down menus which entities you would like to map.
 +You will now be presented with two columns;
 +  * Source Entity Attributes
 +  * Target Entity Attributes
 +Each row of the Source column will be filled with the Attributes from that row.
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:across_entiites_mapping.png?800 |}}
 +To map an attribute simply click on the corresponding row in the Target Entity column.
 +at which point a drop-down menu will appear giving you a list of all attributes with the same data type.
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:mapping.png?800 |}}
 +Page Miscellaneous Functions:
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:mao_entities_functions.png?300 |}}
 +  * **Save** - Save changes made on current page
 +  * **Reset** - Reset to an unsaved version of the page
 +  * **Refresh MetaData** - Refresh CRM attributes 
 +  * **Map Entities Setup** - Auto Map across entities (e.g. Lead - Address1:City to Account - Address1:City)
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