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How To Manage Users

Note: Please see our Permission page to see the difference between an admin user and a review user User Permissions.

After clicking on ‘Manage Users’ under 'Settings', you will navigate to the screen below:

This window displays the existing MS CRM users list in your organisation/domain who has access to the Perfect & Merge application. This section displays the following details:

  • User Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Administrator (Active if role is assigned to the user): Admin will able to modify the role access details.
  • Reviewer (Active if role is assigned to the user): Admin will able to modify the role access details.

Add User: You can click on the addition sign to give access to the Perfect & Merge application from the existing MS CRM users. The UI will appear:

  • Perfect & Merge Admin will select the MS CRM user from ‘User Name’ field which is look-up.
  • User ID shall be displayed along with the Email Address of the user in bracket.
  • Perfect & Merge Admin will give Admin or Reviewer access to the user.
  • First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email will be auto-populated in the grid after adding the MS CRM user.

Miscellaneous Functions

  • Delete: You can select attribute group(s) or attribute(s) and then highlighted group(s)/attribute(s) can be removed by selecting:

  • Update: Click on the 'Update' button and you will be able to save the changes made in the SmartMerge services.

  • Reset: You can also click on the ‘Reset’ button before clicking the ‘Save’ button. The ‘Reset’ button can be used to revert these changes.

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