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-====== How To Manage Users ======+====== How To Manage Users (Dynamics ONLY) ======
 ---- ----
 +**Note:** Please see our permission page to see the difference between an admin user and a review user **[[reviewer_functionality:permissions:reviewer_permissions| User Permissions]]**.
 +How to access the Manager User section:
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:manage_users_nav.png?800 |}}
 +How to use the Manage Users screen:
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:manage_users_v2.png?800 |}}
 +This window displays the existing MS CRM users list in your organisation/domain who has access to the DQ for Dynamics application. This section displays the following details:
 +  * User Name
 +  * First Name
 +  * Last Name
 +  * Phone
 +  * Email
 +  * Administrator (Active if role is assigned to the user): Admin will able to modify the role access details.
 +  * Reviewer (Active if role is assigned to the user): Admin will able to modify the role access details.
 +**Add User:** You can click on the addition sign to give access to the DQ for Dynamics application from the existing MS CRM users. The UI will appear:
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:manage_users_-_add_users.png?300 |}}
 +**Select User:**
 +{{ :admin_functionality:settings:manage_users_-_selection.png?400 |}}
 +  * From here you can select the specific MS CRM user from the ‘select ID’ dropdown.
 +  * The user ID will be displayed in brackets next to the Email Address of the user.
 +  * Now you can choose which rights to give the user; Admin or Reviewer. (**[[reviewer_functionality:permissions:reviewer_permissions|Differences can be found here]]**).
 +  * First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email will be auto-populated in the grid after adding the MS CRM user.
 +**NOTE:** Records/groups can only be processed by the reviewer/admin that has been allocated to the record/group.
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