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Custom Entity Configuration

This page gives users the ability to make configurations specific to merging custom entities. The configuration in this section is specifically for tables which cannot be merged by Dynamics 365. This page allows you to drag and drop the entities you would like to de-duplicate, configure their display fields, mastering rules, default field updates, and related tables that you would like to re-parent during the merge.

Custom Entity Configuration can be found within the Settings page:

From here, you can add custom entities to be used for matching by drag and dropping entities on the left into the settings box on the right.

Entity Name: The name of the Entity that has been selected to be configured.

Master Record Based On: Set whether the Master Record will be based on sequential rules or scoring rules.

Auto Fill Based On: Set whether Auto Fill is based on sequential rules or scoring rules.

Mergeable: Displays whether or not the Entity is mergeable. As default, Dynamics 365 supports merging for Accounts, Contacts & Leads and we refer to these entities as mergeable. Any other tables are not supported by D365, and therefore require further configuration on this screen.

The following buttons are links to other pages that are required to be filled out prior to the Custom entity de-duplication.

Display & Auto Fill: This will take you to the Display & Auto Fill settings page of the relevant entity. As these tables are often custom, ALL fields will need to be configured in this section.

Master Record: This will take you to the Master Record settings page of the relevant entity.

Custom Entity Settings: This will take you to the Custom Entity Configuration page of the relevant entity. Within this section you will define the values you would like to default when you perform a merge on a non mergeable entity.

Related Entities: This will take you to the Related Entities section within the Advanced Settings of the relevant entity. This section allows you to include specific related entities for re-parenting. NOTE: If you do not include these tables, they will NOT be re-assigned onto the surviving record).

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