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Auto Exact & Merge Rules

The Auto Exact and Merge function is used to match duplicate records which score as direct duplicates. Activating this function will allow you to remove all exact duplicates without a review process. Clicking on 'Auto Exact & Merge Rules' option from the 'Settings', you will able to view the following page:

Select Entity: You can select the ‘Entity’ and related auto exact & merge rules will appear as shown in above image. Currently there is only one auto exact & merge rule (Auto exact & merge identical secondary records and master records. Note: Secondary to secondary auto exact & merge is not merged) in the DQ for Dynamics application which will be enhanced in future.

Rule Description: Display the description for the Rule.

Is Active: You can make the auto exact & merge rule as Active or Inactive by checking/unchecking the checkbox.

Update: Clicking on the ‘Update’ button, all changes will be saved.

Reset: ‘Reset’ button can be used to revert all the changes if pressed before clicking ‘Save’ button

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