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Advanced Find Module

When records are searched for using the CRM advance find or displayed on the entity listing screen, this P&M Module allows users to take control and tag records as selected duplicates. Once tagged they can then be processed through the P&M review screen with all the capabilities of the standard user interface. This capability allows users to manually identify duplicates, which otherwise may not be matched, and merge them efficiently to create your Single Customer View.

NOTE: This is an additional module and will not come standard with the Foundation or Master Record Merge (MRM) Modules. The tool will be viewed globally by all of your CRM Users but will only be available to use by Perfect & Merge Admins or Reviewers. It will only be available once multiple records are selected on Account/Contacts/Leads.

How to use this tool

This is a tool which can be used when manually discovering Accounts, Contacts or Leads which are duplicates in your CRM. Advanced Find then links selected modules to take the records into Perfect & Merge where they can be mastered to create a single customer view.

This tool allows you to review multiple records and review and manipulate a record. The tool is currently enabled in:

  • Advance Find Results
  • Account Records Listing
  • Contact Records Listing
  • Lead Records Listing

To use the feature, from any of the available windows, select between 2 to 10 records to review then select the Perfect & Merge icon from the 'List Tools' Tab.

Once the 'Perfect & Merge' button is selected, it will take you to within the solution.

From within the tool there are 7 actions you can perform:

  1. View Record: Clicking on this button, you will able to view the respective record in CRM.
  2. Auto Promote: Auto detects the Best Record from the Group as Master as per the Global Master Records Settings.
  3. Auto Fill: Auto detects the Best Fields Values from the duplicates and fills it in the Master as per the Global Display & Auto Fill Rules Settings.
  4. Auto Exact & Merge: Auto Accepts and Merge only the Exact Matching records as per the Global Display & Auto Fill Rules Settings.
  5. Accept & Merge: Accepts and Merge all the records from the group.
  6. Manual Promote: You can manually promote any duplicate record as Master.
  7. Manual Fill: You can manually fill the field values from the duplicates into the Master record.

NOTE: Link functions will be available if the Parent/Child linking optional module has been purchased.

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