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Parent/Child Linking

  • When duplicates are identified, sometimes it is not appropriate to merge them?
  • Some of our clients wish to link them so that:
    • Synchronisation and data integrity with other systems is not compromised
    • Linked relationships between parents and children are easily managed
  • Most useful when business use outlook syncs where duplicate records are added on a day by day basis
  • New ability to Create & Link records so child duplicates can link to a newly created master

Running a Match Session

When records are made the master, they are flagged as the new Golden Record. This therefore allows other records to be linked to this Golden Record. We therefore have to make our golden records, then we need to use this set of golden records to compare against the income data which might be linked to the golden records.

This guide will take you through the slight differences in session setup.

Select Entity

Name the session as normal and select single entity. The session type will then be displayed in a drop-down. The three options are:

  • Match Non-Golden Records - Only matches non-golden records to other non-golden records
  • Match Golden with Non-Golden Records - matches golden to non-golden records
  • Match Golden Records - Only matches golden record to other golden records


Initially, you must create your golden records in your CRM database. This means you should use the 'Match non-golden records' option to create the Golden records and link the child records to this golden.

Secondly, you should perform a cross comparison to match records that are non-golden to golden records. This will allow the necessary linking of legitimate duplicates that have been introduced.

Finally, you can complete a match session to de-duplicate your golden records and manage your golden records. This will prevent multiple duplicate golden records from co-existing.

Record Review

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