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Home Screen

Session Filtering: By using the dropdown you can filter the view between;

  • All Sessions
  • Active Sessions
  • Inactive Sessions

Session Options

Create New Session: This button is to create a new session.

Delete: This button lets you delete an existing session

Refresh: This lets you refresh the page. Note: Fields will dynamically update but refresh is there if something goes funky.

Toggle Avtive/Inactive: This lets you toggle whether a session is in the active state or the inactive state.

Session Scheduling

To create/edit/remove a session schedule Double-Click on the clock icon for inline with the session you wish to schedule.

If you are creating a schedule, a confirmation box will appear:

Otherwise, a window like this will appear:

1. Session Details:

Session: This is the name of the session you are scheduling.
Entity: Which table this session is checking.

2. Schedule Frequency

This is how often you would like the schedule to run;

  • Once
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

3. Running Dates

These sections let you set how long you want this schedule to last.

Note: After the end date the schedule will be set as inactive.

4. Time of Run

This box lets you specify a time for the session to run

Note: Please factor in time the session will take to run, if you are scheduling to avoid operational hours.

5. Schedule Actions

From this list you can pick which privileges the session will have access to when running on its own.

6. Schedule State

Here you can set what state of the schedule.

7. Maximum Clones

How many copies of this session can be active at the same time.

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