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Step 4 - Setting the Thresholds

Note: This process is the same for both Single-Entity Matching and Cross-Entity Matching.

This section will allow you to set the percentage threshold to decide whether records should be considered for reviewing and whether the record are shown as duplicates. The screen below shows this process:

The Threshold Slider

This slider allows you to configure the required similarity of two records. This can then notify the system to confirm them as an automatic match and merge them without review.

Note: This threshold can go from 50% to 100%.

E.g set the threshold to 95%:

  • A record at 95% or over, will go to user review.
  • A record at 94% or less, will be considered not a match.

Note: We recommend running your first sessions on no less than a 95% threshold, then gradually dropping the threshold to 90%, 85% etc. on future sessions if you feel there may be more unidentified duplicates.

Other Functions

Include original data when scoring matches: Will retrieve data from MS CRM for the matching process. By default, this checkbox is checked.

Treat two null fields as 100% match: Will treat two null fields as 100% match after matching all the other attributes excluding account id.

Value to null fields as 100% match: Will treat null fields as 100% match.

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