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Step 2 - Setting the Attribute Groups

Field Group Configuration

Field Groups Column

The Default Groups set in the settings menu will automatically be imported, but custom groups can be added by using Or Alternatively Default groups from other Entities can be added using

Note: Groups and Attributes can be re-arranges by drag and dropping, however this will be graphically only and will have no impact of the search.

Priority Column

By default, the priorities will appear as per the global settings. User can set/modify the 'Priority' for each group with the help of dropdown selection. 'Priority' is used to select the weighting for the match group. 'Priority' dropdown will have five values:

By Default the priorities will be the same as when set in the default creation, however these can be overridden using the dropdown. The available options are:

  • Exact
  • Very High
  • High
  • Medium
  • Normal

Priority is used to select a weight for the group in the match process.

Match Key Column

This column is where you can specify which matching engine you want to use for each group.

There are currently 6 options available:

  • DQ Fonetix (Recommended)
  • DQ Metaphone
  • DQ Soundex
  • Metaphone
  • SoundEx
  • No MatchKey

Include For Matching Column

Each group has a checkbox, if you disable matching for a group, it will not be used in the search for duplicates but will still be used to assess its overall duplicate score.

Note: at least one group must be included for matching.

Miscellaneous Features

This section is where you setup the groups that will be used for matching and scoring of duplicates.

You will see a screen similar to this:

Note: However this will vary depending on entity and what default groups you've setup.

Matching Language: When creating these groups you have the option to choose which language your fields are in.

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

This option is located :

Display Attributes by: This is located just below the language dropdown, and allows you to filter the display names between the Database Schema Name and a user friendly Display Name.

Display Attributes Sorting: The displayed Attributes can also be sorted in

  • Ascending A-Z
  • Descending Z-A

This is done by using the Dropdown Menu available on the Entity Attribute Title.

Note: On this same Menu under the “Columns” option, you can also turn on or off the Attribute Icons and Title's.

Hover Actions:

  • Hovering over an attribute in 'Display Name' mode will give a Tool-tip containing that Attributes Schema Name. And vice versa when in 'Schema Name' Mode.
  • Hovering over an Attribute's Icon will give a Tool-tip containing the type of that Attribute.

Attribute Searching: You can filter down the list of attributes by using the search icon:

Note: You must search by title in the display mode you are in.

Expand / Retract all: This button will let you expand all folders or retract all folders

Delete Selected Item: Pressing this button will delete the current selected item.

Refresh: This will erase any changes you make a revert it make to the default.

Back: This will direct you back to step 3.

Skip to Start: This is only applicable to Cloned sessions.

Next: This will direct you to step 5.

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