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Cleanse - Coming Q2 2022

The new DQ for Dynamics Cleanse module focuses on cleansing your CRM data so you can better manage the relationship you have with your past, present or future customers. And this is why, over the past few months, we have been developing our new cleanse functionalities. Enabling your to verify, validate and authenticate your emails, phone numbers, addresses, date of births, etc.

It is important to understand the three tests which can be carried out when cleansing your data.

1) Validate: Test your data is of the correct syntax. (eg. Checking the number of digits in a phone number, email structure or Post/ZIP code).

2) Verify: Look up in a reference table of data. (eg. phone book, email lists, address books, etc.)

3) Authenticate: Highest level of confirmation where you can be 100% sure the data is fit for use.

This module will ensure all of your data is correctly cleansed so you can effectively and efficiently communicate with your customers, thus increasing customer engagement. This functionality will be available from Q2 of 2022.

DQ for Dynamics Cleanse calls our data cleansing API's to cleanse records and leave you with cleansed data that is fit for business use.

Attribute Format Validate Verify Authenticate
Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes
Address Yes Yes Yes No
First Name No No Yes No
Last Name No No Yes No
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