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Audit Log

  • The P&M audit log module – via a managed solution, adds a custom entity into CRM which stores all data changes which happen as a result of updates to the master record from any duplicate record
  • Over and above the standard Dynamic 365 CE (CRM) Audit Module, our P&M Audit Log Module provides the ability to:
    • Identify from which record any “New Value” was taken from
    • Link directly from the log to the record from where the “New Value” was sourced
    • See all duplicate loser values compared to the Winners “New Value”) and link directly to any respective losers’ record detail page
  • Improve trust and know which data field values have been changed, when and by whom
  • Increase visibility and see all data changes old to new values within the audit log
  • Enable hyperlinks from within the audit log directly to the winning record or the losing record

NOTE: This is an additional module and will not come standard with the Foundation or Master Record Merge (MRM) Modules.

Why should you use our Audit Log


If you perform the 'Auto Fill' feature from DQ for Dynamics to update the Master attributes with the Best Values, the out-of-box CRM Audit History will show you:

Changed Date Changed By Event Changed Field Old Value New Value
16-11-2018 15:04 Bob Smith Update Website
Address 1 1535 N Mernard Wichit… 1435 North Mernard Wichit…
Address 1 :Street 1 1535 N Mernard 1435 North Mernard

For the same records, the DQ for Dynamics Audit Log will show:

The DQ for Dynamics Audit Log gives you additional record information, this enables you to:

  • Identify from which record the New Value has been selected
  • Identify where the Winning values came from
  • Identify which values were discarded in favour of the winning value

How to download the Audit Log

Downloading the Audit Log Solution:

1) Open DQ for Dynamics

2)Click on the 'Help' Button in the top right corner:

3) Download the solution:

How to install the Audit Log

1) Go to 'Settings' » 'Solutions'

2) Click 'Import'

3) Browse to the downloaded file, and click 'Import'

4) Click 'Close' if import was successful

5) You can now see the Audit Log solution in the 'Solutions' Section:


1) Go to 'Settings' » 'Customizations'

2) Click 'Customize the System'

3) Expand the 'Entity' group, and select one of the Base entities (Account/Contact/Lead)

4) Click on the 'Form' option, then double click the 'Main' form row

5) Click 'Insert' on the ToolBar, and click the 'Sub-Grid' option

6) New Panel Options:

'Display' Tab:

Note: Please substitute '<Entity>' with the entity you are using (Account/Contact/Lead).


  • We Recommend using <Entity>_Audit_Log e.g. (Account_Audit_Log)


  • We Recommend using “P&M Audit Log” for all entities

Data Source:

  • Records:'Only Related Records'
  • Entity: 'Audit Logs <entity>'
  • Default View: '<Entity> Audit Log with Loser Values'

Additional Options:

  • Change as required, however we recommend the default values

Chart Options:

  • Change as required, however we recommend the default values


  • Change as required, however we recommend the default values

'Formatting' Tab:


  • Select your desired display layout

Row Layout:

  • Select your Desired row count per page.

'Controls' Tab:

We recommend using the default settings

7) Click 'OK' to add the grid to the form

8) Click 'Save' and then 'Publish'

How to Uninstall

1) Go to 'Settings' » 'Solutions':

2) Select the solution, and click 'Delete':

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